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PCB didn’t agree to host Asia Cup instead of PSL6

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Written by Ayan Khan

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) CEO Wasim Khan didn’t agree to host Asia cup next year instead of hosting PSL 6.

PCB CEO has disagreed to offer of BCCI to host AC next year in the window of Pakistan Super League (PSL) in February to March.

BCCI released a press in telling that they have a free window between February and March where Pakistan can manage AC instead of Pakistan Super League PSL. But PCB rejected this idea while saying they will host Asia Cup in September and Pakistan Super League in February next year.

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In this press, it shows that BCCI want Pakistan to cancel PSL so that it could not come as regular part of cricket as in April IPL will take place.

But as PCB stated they aren’t willing to postpone PSL next year for Asia Cup. Instead they will host Asia Cup in September this year so that they can host PSL in same window of February and March as they also have to host remaining matches of PSL five in November or December this year.

According to PCB, PSL has got huge benefits this year due to its audience this year so they won’t be agreed to postpone it at any cost.

If we provide our comments here, PCB is doing exceptionally well, they deserve appreciation for whatever they are doing. Pakistan Super League has become the brand of league in such a quick time.

Now with this hope that it is gonna be same next year we shouldn’t lose this year at any cost as stated by PCB as well.

Where will they host?

PCB also have stated that they have free window after the England tour as they will reach Pakistan on 3rd September so they can easily host Asia Cup in September. They have two options to host, they can host it in either in Sri Lanka or UAE to make it happen.

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