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Nathan Lyon is better bowler than Ravi Ashwin: Akash

Nathan Lyon is better bowler than Ravi Ashwin
Written by SKRN News Staff

Indian Commentator himself reveals that Australian bowler Nathan Lyon is better bowler than Ravi Ashwin.

While talking on his YouTube video Akash Chopra reveals that Nathan Lyon is better spin bowler than Ravi Ashwin in outside conditions.

He reveals that Nathan Lyon is used to such conditions and he delivers there much better than Ravi Ashwin who is only performing in India.

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He also reveals that no doubt in Asian conditions Ravi Ashwin is miles ahead of Nathan Lyon but overall you also have to play outside home so there is where Nathan Lyon is better.

Nathan Lyon is handsome in away series, also is very used to deliver in England, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand whereas Ravi Ashwin hasn’t done anything better there, except only one or two good matches in his entire career it is where Nathan Lyon goes ahead of him.

Who Can Pick Quick Wickets in India?

It is obvious that Nathan Lyon isn’t that good in India but Ravi Ashwin is unplayable in India, he can easily take wickets in quick time. He also delivered it hundred of times. So it is what proves Ravi Ashwin better than Nathan Lyon in India whereas Nathan Lyon is better over all.

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