Mental Health and Mental Illness

Mental health is the top-notch and vital ingredient to live and have prosperous happy life as it is associated with our emotions, feelings, behavior and psychology. It enables a person to feel, to think and to act wisely and positively. Moreover, mental health brings or develops an ability to create balance, to contribute emphatically and productively in a society. But despite of having immense importance people don’t know exactly about mental health and they are less concerned with it. Therefore, because of lack of awareness regarding mental health we are suffering with mental illness. Mental health issues affect our lives in many aspects like our way of thinking, behaving and way to react over problems of life.

A person who suffers in a mental health condition does not suffer alone because along with them the people the surrounds them also suffers. For some it may seems like it is normal he/she acting in the usual but deep inside the mind of the person that has mental illness it is different, everything is at mess, its like an abstract painting where not all people could understand the feeling. Once it strikes you, you cannot help but feel helpless as you drown in your own thoughts. With that scenario it is evident that it will affect the way you socialized with other people especially the one that is close to you. As the person suffering continues to do that his/her close friends will keep thinking what they did wrong for you to act that way that may lead for that person to overthink things the he/she aren’t supposed to.

Mental illness is increasing drastically day by day. Many factors contributes in mental illness including a bitter experience in the past, emotional or physical abuse etc. The person suffering from this condition may have suicidal thoughts, appear disheveled, experience sleep loss or over-sleeping, over-eating or loss of appetite, loss of interest in usual pleasurable activities, loss of energy, low mood and crying spells. In younger individuals irritability may be present. These symptoms are observed over a period of at least two weeks. It is categorized as anxiety disorder, panic disorder, depression, eating disorder, personality disorder and mental disorder. According to WHO’s research, mental disorder starts before the age of 14 and almost 1 in 5 of the world’s children and adolescence have a mental disorder. If put a thoroughly glance on the world’s population we come to know that approximately 264 million people are suffering from mental disorder or mental illness. It is the mental illness which compels a person to indulge himself or herself in crimes, smoking, snatching, robbery and other social evils, an increase of social evils in our society is just because of mental illness of people.
Though mental health issues may cause a risk factor towards a happy, healthy life yet it can be treated by practicing positive attitude, helping others, developing coping skills, expressing the feelings in the most beautiful way and by participating actively in productive activities. Mental health is a blessing indeed.

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Amina Javed