BCB refuses to send its team to play tests in Pakistan

Written by Danyal Khan

The Bangladesh cricket board has reportedly refused to send it’s team for a two match test series to Pakistan. It is, however, ready to send it’s team for the three match T20 series.

The BCB, lead by Nazm Ul Hasan, held a lengthy meeting today to decide the fate of the test series scheduled to be played in Pakistan. Amidst the crisis in the middle east, the BCB will not send it’s team for the test series in Pakistan. This is what is reported as the reason for Bangladesh pulling out of a tour of Pakistan which would last for more than one week. The BCB is ready to send it’s team for one week only to Pakistan. In that time, only a series of three T20 internationals is possible. The Pakistan cricket board has already rejected this proposal from the BCB last week, so this tour is all but called off now.

Pakistan now have a massive gap between today and their next scheduled international assignment. If South Africa also don’t agree to tour Pakistan for a three match T20I series in March-April, then Pakistan’s next series would be in July against the Netherlands.

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