Ease of doing BUSINESS is top priority of Govt: PM Imran Khan

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Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan reveals that ease of doing business in Pakistan is govt’s top priority. Taking Pakistan into the better way PM Imran Khan has showed his interest in taking the issue seriously as technology and business are the two factors that many countries have followed for some years now. PM Imran Khan is trying his best to convey its important and the fact that business can develop young generations for their upcoming environments. The countries like US, UK have the environment that creates the bundle of opportunities for the people to start the business rather than being stuck to serve anyone else. With same purpose of better towards the country Imran Khan has taken an action to ease the opportunities for the people who are interested in this regard. They will be able to start their business with ease with the government instruments. Govt’s priority will be easing the business so that everyone can do here in Pakistan, not only this but PTI government is also willing to lauch an application so that Pakistani people can arrange their money their and can send and receive the money from different countries as such, as Easypaisa and Jazzcash applications don’t allow to send money outside the country. After announcing all this PM Imran Khan will hold a Jalsa tomorrow at Muzafirabad in the solidarity with Kashmiri people and their humanity that is being under the curfew since 38th day. Many celebrities such Shahid Afridi, Shan Shahid, Maya Khan have already shown their interest to participate in it for Kashmir people.

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